things we don’t pay enough attention to


This is the second time I am composing this blog post. The irony of this situation truly intensifies what I had intentions of writing about (though I had no intentions of writing it twice).

Yesterday was not a very good day for me.

Sometimes, the world knocks you down to remind you, “Hey, you’re not invincible! Don’t get too comfortable or content with yourself because I can and will change your mind at any given moment!”

I came home, worked out, brewed myself a cup of coffee, wrapped myself in my grandmother’s handmade quilt and nestled into my old, springy couch by my twinkling Christmas tree. I explored the thoughts of fictional characters and engrossed myself in delicately written poetry. Sometimes, escaping my own world and sliding into the adventurous and abstract thoughts of others is just what I need. Yesterday, that was exactly what I needed.

I have not felt like writing at all lately. (Remember when I said I wasn’t a writer? This verifies my point…). I have written some poetry, though. It may eventually have the potential to be published on here. My poetry is mostly my random, sporadic thoughts carelessly written down in a chaotic order (yep, that wild).

In the midst of my self pity and melancholy attitude yesterday, the all familiar pain of hurt dawned on me.

Oh how I have not missed you.

I realized though, there are things in life that deserve thought and attention. They deserve emotion and feelings and life and affection. There are also things in life that receive too much of this, and deserve none of it. Yesterday, the situation I was in, deserved nothing. It didn’t deserve tears, thoughts, or emotions. It should have lain dormant in the reality of what matters where it belonged; however, some emotion inside of me gave life to the insignificant worry that had caused me hurt. We all know this; some things matter. And some things, simply, do not. The boundary is very faint and hard to distinguish, but it is imperative to realize what to spend time on in this brief life.

things we pay too much attention to:

cell phones








negative people

self image





social media websites

price tags




things we don’t pay enough attention to:

people we love

raw and untouched nature

our significance


long, hot showers

handwritten letters

the feeling you have after you receive a compliment


our sacrificial soldiers

hidden talents

the quietness of the morning

a good massage

cookies (!!!)

our health and fitness (ironically I thought of this one after cookies…)


goals, dreams, and aspirations

kind words


offering help to the needy

good hair days

writing down your creative ideas and thoughts


maintaining optimistity

& always, always, always embracing whatever storm we are enduring

so that we may survive to see the sunshine.

Life is never bad, perfect, disastrous, pointless, or any one word adjective you could think of to describe it. Life is not a noun; life is a verb. It is performed and executed every single day, and every single day you could think of a different word to describe it. On the bad days, try to remember your worth, your purpose, and your meaning. All of these are defined by you and interpreted by others. Don’t let your definition reflect what others think of you, but what you think of yourself. Think highly of yourself and be confident in your ways, quirks, idiosyncrasies, and thoughts. Give life to words that inspire, not terminate. Create beautiful things, not destroy them. During every situation, every conversation, remember that no one is immune from the pain of life. No one is invincible. Every person you meet is fighting a silent battle, trying to differentiate between what is important to worry about and what is not. Make life easier for others and yours will inevitably be easier (I always try to remember this.).

& finally….




2 responses to “things we don’t pay enough attention to”

  1. Beautiful and from the heart. Love you bunches. xxoo

  2. Wow such beautiful writing! Very good choice of wording! Keep it coming!

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