just be

be unbelievable.
be courageous.
be unstoppable, unbeatable, and invincible.
be different.
be unique, be rare, be original.
be successful.
be driven.
be determined.
be kind.
be sympathetic, empathetic, and understanding.
be amiable and personable.
be diverse and always changing.
be open minded.
be fruitful and grow things from your words.
be gentle and soft spoken.
be bold and heard and seen and felt.
be different.
be what you want and who you are.
be respectful.
be humorous.
be lighthearted but always feel wholeheartedly.
be encouraging.
be real.
be thoughtful and notice the small things.
be ambitious.
be optimistic.
be strong.
be sensitive.
be authentic.
be unbreakable.
be intelligent, be mindful, be willing to learn.
become who you want to be, and never let who you are define who you will be.
be you.
because you are all of the things you dream to be, you just have to give them life and let them grow.

Impromptu little blog post as I was reading some poetry tonight. I’ll finish writing my current topic eventually.. But for now I will immerse myself in beautiful literature.

Goodnight guys!

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