ivory sheets and contentedness.

One day, I want to leave my phone, laptop, makeup, curling iron, straightener, television, social media apps, fancy clothes, and worries behind. And just leave. Not permanently, of course. Just for a week. Or a weekend. I want to check into a bed and breakfast I’ve never been to before in a town I’ve never been to before. I want to bring a backpack full of books and magazines and a journal. I’ll bring a camera and some coffee beans. I’ll leave behind everything that causes me worry. Everything that makes me feel insecure and inadequate. And just for a weekend, I will be full of blissful and comforting thoughts. I will envelope myself in literature and nature and simplicity. I can go alone, but perhaps another wandering and yearning soul will accompany me. I would be happy either way. I can imagine, waking early and watching the sunrise with uninterrupted attention. I can imagine throwing on a sundress and wearing no shoes. I can imagine limitless amounts of coffee perfected with cream while I devour the lives and concepts of things that aren’t related to mine. I’ll possess characters’ emotional attachments and envision being a scientist somewhere, manipulating the natural world because of sheer curiosity. I will eat simple foods and not care who looks at me or why they do. I will be a soul, living amongst the world in a meaningful and rare way. I will not be an image, or a reputation. I would be isolated from the fiends of social media and comparison. I will be sheltered from all judgments and critiques. Sometime soon in my life, I want to experience this truly euphoric experience I dream of.

ten things you should do that might make you happy

  1. Satisfy your needs, your family’s needs, and your friends’ needs first. Forget about the rest. People will judge you, even those you love. Just concern yourself with doing the right thing, being the best example of Christ, and making sure you are at optimal happiness with those in your life.
  2. Fill a bathtub full of bubbles and let the water run until it hits your nose.
  3. Run, jog, skip, bike, anything, but just sweat. Not because you want to look like the model you saw on instagram of the fitspo you saw on twitter. But because you’re alive, and your body enables you to do those things.
  4. Drink tea. Hot tea is fun and healthy. Experiment and pour it in a cute teacup because life is short and you might as well impress yourself.
  5. Go to Bath and Body Works and pick out a new body lotion or mist. Or candle. Or car scent. They always have deals, just check your email. There is nothing like crawling in bed at night smelling positively delectable.
  6. Buy someone flowers. Your mother, your girlfriend, your sister, your best friend, your grandma, your neighbor, your teacher, virtually everybody (even some guys) love flowers. You can find them at your neighborhood Walmart for an astounding four dollars.
  7. Read a book. The average millionaire reads one nonfiction book a month. Coincidental? I think not.
  8. Eat the ice cream. Because if you died tomorrow, you would’ve wished you’d eaten it. Share it with your friends, because they will love you for it.
  9. Be real with your thoughts. Admit when you are wrong. Admit when you don’t want to go somewhere. Admit when you are sorry. Admit when you don’t agree with somebody. Admit it if you are unhappy. Just be honest with yourself and others. You are your own entity and as long as you are following God, then do what you want and don’t feel bad about it.
  10. Love yourself. On the days you feel stupid, and insufficient, and unattractive, and not likable, and unoriginal, and weird, and isolated, and different, and unintelligent, and even on those days when you least want to love yourself, just do. When you start loving your flaws, so will others.

Sometimes, you just have to write your mind. Prayers, blessings, and love sent your way this weekend from yours truly.

One response to “ivory sheets and contentedness.”

  1. I love this post! Comparison so often leads to feelings of inadequacy and steals the joy from just living! There is a sweet freedom in just excepting we are who we are, beautifully created in the image of the Creator.

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