We have got to stop possessing fear of being different. We have got to embrace our idiosyncrasies and implore our diversity. We have to diligently chase what we love, and we HAVE to plug our ears to those who try to sway us differently. 
There is a constant and common theme among people who have achieved wonderful success and created a legacy for themselves. That theme is that they asked “dumb” questions and threatened the modern train of thought. How insane it would be to do either of those things in today’s society. There is such a pressure to conform to the mainstream thought process and action code. There is such a demand to become like the world that I think that we forget that our uniqueness makes us cool! The world we live in would be quite a boring and monochromatic place if we kept the things we are passionate about and joyful about to ourselves! So we have to start asking dumb questions. We have to become inquisitive about why apples fall from trees or why a horseshoe placed in a fiery furnace burns red when heated to extreme temperatures. We have to ask those friends that boldly (or quietly) proclaim their opposition of Christ to join us for worship or bible study! We have to start testing the modern train of thought. We have to marry our professional lives and personal lives. We have to bring God to the workplace. We have to let our compassion and spirituality escape our thoughts and flow through our mouth! We have to be like Max Planck when he proposed (against all existing theories) that light is actually particles. We may get lucky like Sir Isaac Newton did when his “dumb” question of the common occurrence of apples falling from trees to the ground became Newtonian Gravity and the development of calculus. We may have to be bold like Jesus and just speak to those who wouldn’t otherwise get spoken to. We have to integrate our values into every part of our lives, even if it is “weird” or “wrong”. 

Because guess what, the most amazing and profound people in the world didn’t hide their passions. They didn’t try to be like the girl next to them or do things to attract the attention of the boy they were interested in. No, the most amazing people are those who are themselves – wholly and fully. So first, embrace yourself. Second, ask “dumb” questions about the world around you, and most importantly, lose the worry of caring what others think of you. Lastly, stand boldly for what you believe in. It is my belief that we as individuals are either making the world a better place or worsening it. The great thing is we have control over the outcome of that one! Love God, love others, and love yourself. Do these things unapologetically. 

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