about myself


I started this blog five years ago as a confused and emotionally-conflicted high school girl. Now, I’m a slightly-more-sophisticated, way-more-mature and still emotionally charged college student. This is a place where I think out loud and invite others to come on in. I never really know what I’ll write about, or who I’m writing to, but I’ll always write, maybe it’s for you. I hope one day I’ll be a doctor, but I’ll always be a lifelong writer and lover of words. I think it’s important to express yourself in some way, whatever that way is for you. For me, it’s this blog and these words. I hope you’ll find something in them. Share with me your thoughts, and I’ll share with you mine.


2 thoughts on “about myself

  1. I knew you in high school (all school actually), not closely but enough, and it is amazing to see how you have grown. You have grown in a way that I never really expected. You have grown into a wonderful human and you are going to do so many great things in your life. I am proud to say I have known you, I grew up with you, and even people from small towns can succeed immensely. Keep growing and keep going.

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