About Myself

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I am Pearl Harbor. I am something that has once been destroyed; yet I openly and passionately invite others to me to join me in embracing our scars. I know what has been inflicted upon me. I know that I am strong, and I am hopeful for the future of those around me. Sometimes I am the bomber, sometimes I am the bombed. I try to remain in a neutral position. I am the shipwrecked boat at the bottom of the sea. Some will find interest in me and some will never acknowledge me. Those who are interested will cautiously view the boat from afar, those who are intrigued will enter in, and those who do not care will sardonically ridicule me from a distance. I am Mary Catherine Barber. I simply write what my brain conjures up. I am a Christian with a respect for God and a love for others. I am a nerd, a fitness fanatic, and a lady with a variety of interests. I am diverse in my passions, and I would love to be your companion. I hope you thoroughly enjoy my blog & feel free to email me at marybarber358@gmail.com if you would ever like to talk!

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