about myself


I started this blog as a junior in high school in a small town in Tennessee, now I’m a medical student at Harvard in Boston–a lot has changed since then, but my awareness and need for writing down words and expressing some of the hardships in life remains the same. This is a place where I think out loud and invite others to come on in. I never really know what I’ll write about, or who I’m writing to, but I’ll always write and maybe it’s for you. I think it’s important to express yourself in some way, whatever that way is for you. For me, it’s this blog and these words. I hope you’ll find something in them. Share with me your thoughts, and I’ll share with you mine.



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4 responses to “about myself”

  1. I love this bio!! So proud of your journey thus far and look forward to reading more!

  2. I knew you in high school (all school actually), not closely but enough, and it is amazing to see how you have grown. You have grown in a way that I never really expected. You have grown into a wonderful human and you are going to do so many great things in your life. I am proud to say I have known you, I grew up with you, and even people from small towns can succeed immensely. Keep growing and keep going.

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